Our Approach

With over 20 years' experience working in and operating restaurants in the UK, Luckys was borne and now there are 2 successful sites in Oldham and Stockport.

Luckys prides itself on producing the very best quality food menu in modern sites and operated by 1st class people.

The combination of such high quality ingredients and creative flair together with an understanding of customer needs, allows Luckys to create a continental style menu ranging from burgers, grilled meats to deserts and shakes all delivering great food options in your local neighbourhood.

This drive and passion for delivering the best food products and services has been a direct result of years of investment in both systems/process and people and this passion and investment has now been carried forward into our approach to franchising.

In the same way that we continue to develop systems and people, we have applied that to our franchise, ensuring that we recruit the very best people who can then build a robust business in line with their aspirations and life style.

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We offer a number of different concepts for franchise and fully expect Franchisees to develop their territory with different styles of trading:

  • 1. Full Diner and Takeaway-serving local residential communities
  • 2. Takeaway-serving local residential communities
  • 3. Ghost Kitchen-simple operating procedures make this an attractive option in high density

A key component of all our trading styles is Home Delivery and we have built a real specialism in this sector.

You could be a multi-unit operator in your territory.

You could be an existing food operation and thinking that you would like to refresh your premise and breathe new life into it, and take it to the next level.

The Luckys business is well established and has a record of fast, sustainable growth and profitability. The business is supported by high levels of customer demand, customer retention with a strong reputation for exceptional quality and service delivery.

Here at Luckys we are fully committed to sharing the rewards in our business and to uphold ethical franchising principles. We will advise, support and work closely with franchisees to develop each territory.

Our comprehensive, on-going support and administration package results in a strong relationship between Luckys and Franchisees that is just so much more than a financial arrangement and more of a partnership led opportunity.

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